Flicker Candles

I cannot take credit for the basic technique of this how to, so my thanks goes out to jimmyzdc, one of my fellow members of halloweenforum.com  - here is the link for his how to on flicker candles  pvc flicker candles

Thanks for the inspiration !

The candlesticks used in my how to, are battery operated candlesticks I purchased at a yard sale. They were both missing the bulbs, but I thought that at least the brass bases could be of use.

So for this how to you will need :

Battery Operated Candle

Battery operated Flickering Tea Light

Metal or plastic washer

Thin twin flex

Soldering Iron and Solder

Hot Glue gun


First, take the candlestick apart



Next, take the tea light apart (I found that the tea lights from the Dollar Tree are ideal for this)



Then unsolder the wire from the LED and the tea light base. You now have the components for rewiring and assembling the flickering candle.



To reassemble, solder the flex onto the LED, position the 'flame' onto the washer and reposition the LED into the flame.


Next, pass the flex through the candlestick, the brass holder and the tea light top,


and solder the flex to the base of the tea light. Test the bulb at this point to ensure that it is working !


Reassemble the candlestick and base, and the tea light.


Finally, hot glue the tea light to the base of the candlestick, glue the washer to the top of the candle, then use hot glue for the dripped wax effect



Once you have completed the candle, paint the dripped wax white. The tea light can be painted if required.



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