Easy 6 Candle Chandelier

Materials required:

Large Metal/Plastic/Wood Ring (I used a 16" bicycle wheel rim)
6 off 3" Wood circles, drilled at center or Small off cut of wood sheet 1/4" thick
Plastic Chain (will need at least 5 feet)
6 pre made PVC candles with battery operated tea lights
6 off 1" x 1/4" bolts c/w nuts and washers (Bolt size depends on thickness of ring)
Black Spray Paint


Tools required:

Electric Drill with 1/4" drill bit
Side cutter pliers
3" hole saw cutter (optional)

Step 1. The wood circles

You can opt to purchase ready cut circles, and will need to drill these at the centre

Optionally, using a 3" hole saw cutter, cut 6 circles from the piece of wood sheet (I used 1/3" MDF board). The discs cut will be center drilled ready for use.

Step 2. Mark and drill the ring

The ring needs to be divided equally into 6. The advantage of using the wheel rim is being able to use the spoke holes to get the ring divided equally. Mark and drill the ring using a 1'4" drill bit. (Note: Only the top part of the rim was drilled through)

Next you need to drill three holes at the centre of the first, third and fifth sections of the ring

Step 3. Assembling the ring

Take a bolt and pass it up through the hole in the ring, place a wood ring over the bolt and secure to the ring with the washer and nut, for each of the 6 discs.

Step 4. Paint 

Spray paint the entire ring assembly with flat black paint.

Step 5. Adding the chain.

Cut three equal lengths of chain, make sure that they have equal number of chain links. You will need one cut link on each length of chain, when cutting the chain use a pair of side cutter pliers to cut through one side of the link. For this model I used 3 pieces of chain with 12 links each.

Fix the chain to the ring by inserting the cut link of each length into the three holes as shown

Next join each length of chain to the remaining length of chain, for this I used a plastic chain link with securing screw. Note: The length of chain to attach the three lengths to will depend on the height of you ceiling and how low you want it to hang.

Step 6. Adding the candles

Glue each of the pre made PVC candles onto the discs. Instructions for making the PVC candles can be found here

The completed chandelier looks like this

This is the previously made chandelier

Notes: an alternative to the wood discs could be small flower pot saucers. If you have any other suggestions or alternative ideas on the make of this, please let me know


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