Here's a quick how to for adding some creeeepy plant life to your haunt

I have named the plant Hermanus Venus Audreyus (Herman after me, venus after the fly trap and Audreyus after Audrey II - Little Shop of Horrors)


Materials required:

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Balls

Bunch of imitation flowers

Bunch of imitation greenery 

Hot Glue gun
Red & Green acrylic paint

1. Cut the ball in half

2. Cut zig zags half way along each half to form the teeth



3. Paint the inside of each half red, leaving the inside of the teeth white.

4. While the paint is drying, prepare the stem for your plant. Separate one of the flowers from the bunch.



5. Disassemble the flower then reassemble the stem as shown







6. Hot glue one half of the ball to the stem, then hot glue the other half, leaving aabout half an inch gap open in front.


7. Next run a bead of hot glue over each half to form the lip ridges.


8. Add hot glue "veins" to the top and bottom.


9. Paint the two halves in green, leaving the teeth white.


10. Bend the stem wire 90 degrees



11. If you have any red flowers, cut one of the petals to form a tongue then glue in place

12. Finally, add beads of hot glue to the mouth to resemble saliva.


After you have made a few of these add them to the greenery. They can be arranged in a vase or you can make a potted plant as follows


Take an empty plant pot, cut a circle of styrofoam just slightly smaller than the rim so that it can fit inside. paint the styrofoam dark brown to resemble earth, then place the bunch of greenery in the center. Arrange the "blossoms" amongst the greenery.


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