Easy Make Frames

Materials required

Black Foamboard
ivory or cream acrylic craft paint

Tools required

thin paint brush
Craft Knife

Measure a piece of foamboard 4" wider and 4" longer than the picture you will be framing. Example - for a picture 8" x 10" you will need a piece of foamboard 12" x 14"

Next, measure 2.25" from each edge and draw a square inside. This will give a frame area half inch narrower and shorter than the picture to be framed

Measure and mark half way between each inside line (for clarity, I have provided the diagrams on white card rather than on black)

You will now need to make a paper or card template for the frame detail. click here for sample template for making a frame for a 8" x 10" picture

Align the template with the lines on the board and draw around the template, as shown


Cut out the frame and the centre frame area


Finally paint the detail on the frame - first a thin line completely around the edge, next a thick line on the inside edge and a thinner line around the thicker line, and finally add some detail to the corners


Finally, frame your picture and hang !