Gibbet Cage how to - inspired by a prop made by my good friend Alucard (you can find his how to under the guest tutorials)

This is an easy made cage and requires little or no prop making skills or tools.  As the tape has holes along the entire length, measurements are done by the number of holes and not by inches or centimeters. 

Note: Some of the photographs in the tutorial are taken of my finished prop, after painting.

Materials required:
Plastic Plumbers Tape

Machine Bolts, w/nuts 6-32 x 3/8

Black Spray Paint

Plastic Curtain Rings

4ft Plastic Chain

Tools required:





1. Cut lengths of Plastic Tape as follows 

    2 lengths - 42 holes long

    1 length -  58 holes long

    1 length -  74 holes long

    4 lengths - 87 holes long

    4 lengths - 77 holes long

When cutting, cut between holes, as shown


2. Start by joining the 4 shortest lengths into circles.  Overlap the two holes at each end and secure with two nuts and bolts.



3. Next, take the longest strips and attach to one of the smaller rings. The long strips should be attached inside the ring. Alternate the lengths so that there is a shorter length between the longer lengths, and there should be four holes between each strip. Use the screwdriver and pliers to secure the nuts and bolts, the pliers hold the nut whilst you screw in the bolt. (Do not over tighten the nuts as this distorts the shape)


4. The strips are next attached to the next size ring, there should be 24 holes between each ring, and 6 holes between each strip.



5. Attach the strips to the largest ring, 19 holes between the large ring and the mid size ring and 8 holes between each strip.



6. Finally attach the strips to the other small ring, 19 holes from the large ring and 4 holes between each strip. You should now have the frame shape completed. 



7. To form the top,  The longest strips are overlapped by two holes each, Secure the center hole to hold all 4 strips in place, then secure the last holes using the nuts and bolts.



8.  For the hanging rings, undo the nuts on the short ends, bend the ends back to form a short loop, then secure with the nut. Next put a plastic curtain ring through the loop. Attached a twelve inch length of chain to each curtain ring.




9. Finally spray paint the entire cage in a matt black paint



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