Grave Grabber / Ground Breaker

I have put together a tutorial for a shiatsu hacked grave grabber. I don't take any credit for the hack, thanks for this goes to Spooky Sam and all the other haunters that have developed this.

This how to has been put together for fellow haunters that would like a guide to the how to and I have simply tried to simplify the process.

You will need

Shiatsu Massager
1/2" PVC Pipe (3ft should suffice)
2 x 45 degree elbow joints
1 x 60 degree joint
Lightweight head or skull
lightweight hand
6" round pool noodle (optional)
6 x No 6 1/2" Sheet metal screws
Plumbers Tape

Tools required

Drill with 3/32" drill bit
Sharp Knife
Hacksaw or pipe cutting tool

For those of you that are not aware what a shiatsu massager is, here is a pic of one - they can be picked up for a few bucks at thrift stores

Step 1 - remove the fabric cover

You can do this two ways :

1. cut the fabric off using a sharp knife, or

2. remove the top of the shiatsu by removing the screws underneath, then remove the fabric by taking out the screws or clips holding the fabric (this is my preferred method and will help with step 2.

Step 2 - remove the massage nodules

The two rubber nodules need to be removed from the rotating poles. These can sometimes just be pulled off by hand, or pried off with a screwdriver. Be careful when prying off as they have a tendency to spring off with a high velocity.

However, as in the case of this particular model the rubber and poles are one piece and will need to be cut away using a sharp knife. You can see where the cut mark is in the second picture the nodules removed

With the top taken off the massager, its a little easier to remove the rubber nodules, and also prevents the top from being damaged or cracked

Once you have removed the two nodules, reassembly the shiatsu - this is now ready for part two



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