Grave Grabber / Ground Breaker - Part 2

For this next step you will need 2 lengths of the PVC pipe, each 5" to 6" in length and two lengths of the plumbers tape 24" long.

The plumbers tape is used to hole the PVC Armatures in place and needs to be secured to both the PVC and the massager.

Step 1 - First, drill some pilot holes for the tape to be secured to. I found that this step makes the movement adjustments easier later in the assembly

I drilled 5 pilot holes 1/2" apart, on each side and each end of the massager, with a 3/32" drill bit

Step 2 - Next, on the two lengths of PVC pipe I drilled 3 holes 1/2" apart. The lengths of PVC used were 5" long and the centre hole drilled half way on the PVC

Step 3 - Secure the plumbers tape to the PVC pipes using a 6x1/2" sheet metal screw. This was secured at 8" from one end of the tape.

Step 4 - place the PVC pipe over the metal pole on the massager, with the securing screw facing out to the end of the massager and the short length of tape on the left of the PVC.

Step 5 - wrap the short length of tape around the back of the PVC then secure to the center hole on the right of the massager/PVC

Step 6 - wrap the long length of tape around the back of the PVC and secure to the centre hole on the left of the massager/PVC

Step 7 - Switch on the massager to make sure that the PVC armatures move freely and don't lock up - if they do you will need to adjust the securing screws further down the tape either side of the PVC to give more slack.

This is now ready for part three..



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