Skeleton Hands

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Spiked Fence Look


Connecting fence panels


Easy Make Tombstones


Flickering Candles


Rusty Padlocks


Alternate Padlock


Groundbreaker Coffin


Tombstone Embellishments #1

Shiatsu Grave Grabber

Grave Grabber Alternate version

Skull Casts

Paint Effects #1

Blucky Hands Makeover


Easy Foam Chain



Candle Chandelier



Library of Books



Imitation Books



Faux Candles from Pill Containers



Creepy Plant (Hermanus Venus Audreyus)


Skull Books and Candle

Moving Eye Portrait

Styrofoam Signs *NEW*

Spider Sac *NEW*

Easy Make Frames *NEW*

Mannequin Frame

Gibbet Cage


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Props Gallery


Quick Tips

1. If you need to pad out the chest of a prop body, take two 1 gallon milk/juice containers. Position in place on the prop frame either side of the spine and tape together.

2. Pool noodles make great padding for arms of prop figures. You can get them from most Dollar Stores during the summer months

3. Sometimes the simplest projects are makeovers of a store bought prop or mask - it's surprising the change that you can make just by repainting !

Before... After...
Before... After...
4. Just by adding the smallest detail to your props can make a big difference to your display.
For example, placing earth or barkdust around ground breaker props make them look more realistic:
Before... After...