Imitation Books

This tutorial show you how to make books from cardboard

Materials required:

Cardboard (corrugated - from cartons, etc)
Sharp Knife
Tissue Paper
White PVA Glue
Hot Glue Gun & Gluesticks
Acrylic Craft Paints
Craft Brushes
Craft foam sheets

To make the books, decide on the height, depth and width you want your book to be.

For this tutorial I made a book 6.5" deep, 9.5" high and 2" wide

For the inside of the book I took a strip of card 4.5" wide x 23" long

Measure each end in 1", then 6", leaving 9" centre - then 1.25" along both sides of the length, then draw lines at 45 degree angle at the two centre lines as shown

Cut out as shown here

Also cut out the corners, and score along the all the lines

Fold along score lines

Next, take a piece of card for the cover. Each side of the cover should be half inch deeper and half inch higher than the inside, and the centre (spine) half inch to one inch wider (to allow for a curved spine)

Therefore this piece was 16" x 9.5" - measured in and scored 6.5" then the centre scored down as shown

Bend the cover into shape

Tape the inside section to hold in place

Hot glue the centre section to the cover, with 1/4" free on the top and bottom

Apply glue to the second side of the inside and fold cover over to glue in place

Cut strips of foam and apply to the spine, and add additional details as required

Apply a coat of white glue and water mixed 50/50, then apply tissue paper over glue. Brush down with a coat of glue, apply 1 or 2 more coats of tissue in the same manner.

Books made in 4 sizes, ready for painting

To paint, I used acrylic paint, base coated the covers, then a coat of watered down dark brown to give an aged look. Then dry brushed dark brown on the spine details and finally finished with gold acrylic with the brown  book detailed with gunmetal acrylic.

For the pages, paint with a cream or light beige then dry brush with a darker beige to give an old page look. Alternatively google for images of old book pages, print in strips and glue to the inside

So, having finished the four books, it occurred to me that for the inside, you could use boxes from cereal, packet meals, or any book shaped boxes


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