Library of Books

This tutorial show you how to make a shelf of books from cardboard

Materials required:

Cardboard (corrugated - from cartons, etc)
Sharp Knife
Tissue Paper
White PVA Glue
Hot Glue Gun & Gluesticks
Acrylic Craft Paints
Craft Brushes
Craft foam sheets

First of all measure the height of space between the two shelves that you will be making the shelf of books for. The tallest book should be 1/4" shorter than the height of the space. For this how to I made a row of books to fill a space 8.5" x 29", therefore the tallest book is 8.25"

Measure Pieces of card to make up the book spines. Vary the depths and height of each book including the spines

Score down the two lines of each piece

Next, score down the centre section as shown

Bend the cardboard to shape, curving the centre (spine)

Apply strips of craft foam to the spines

Vary the positions of strips for each book

Apply a layer of White glue mixed with water (50/50 solution)

Take a piece of tissue paper and apply over the glue. To give an old book appearance, scrunch up the tissue paper first, then apply a layer of the glue over the the tissue

Apply two more layers of tissue, then when dry base coat the books with acrylic paint

When this is dry, apply a coat of watered down dark brown acrylic on top, then dry brush dark brown on the spine details and allow to dry

Add contrasting colors and finally detail with gold acrylic paint

Next, you will need a flat piece of card. The length needs to be the length of the shelf, and the height should be 2"-3" shorter than the height of the shelf space

Apply hot glue to the inside cover edge of the first book

Place and glue the second book against the first with the edges flush (not the spines!)

Next apply hot glue to the edge of the strip of cardboard, place and glue the outer edge of the first book to the edge of the cardboard strip

Apply Hot glue to the joined edge of the two books

Bend the books back into place, shaping the spines in a curve, then hot glue the outer edge of the second book to the cardboard strip

Continue gluing the book spines to the cardboard strip until the entire length of the cardboard is covered

The back should look something like this

Once on the shelf this is how they look


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