Another simple how-to on making a padlock prop.

Materials required:

Scrap piece of Styrofoam
Pencil or marker
Furniture/upholstery nails (dome headed) or similar
Short Nails
Masking Tape
Spray Paint
Short length of flexible tubing or similar
Fine grain sandpaper
Acrylic paints in Black, Metallic Gunmetal and Red Iron Oxide

Step 1. Mask off an area of the Styrofoam, the size of the lock to be made

Step 2. Draw your design onto the masking tape (for this how-to I have blacked out the design of the lock)

Step 3. Cut out the design of the lock and remove the masking tape, leaving the taped design

Step 4. Lightly spray the Styrofoam with the spray paint - the chemical reaction will eat into the Styrofoam, leaving the design intact

Step 5. Once the paint is dry, cut out the padlock shape and remove the masking tape

Then smooth the edges with the sandpaper.

Step 6. Push the furniture pins in place, then push the nails into place

Step 7. paint the entire lock black

Step 8. Sponge paint the lock with the metallic Gunpowder acrylic

Step 9. Add the small length of tube by inserting each end into the top, paint black then sponge paint with the metallic paint

You can give the lock a rusty appearance by sponge painting with the Red Iron Oxide Acrylic

You can make the locks as big or small, and to any design you need using this technique, and use whatever finish you require


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