A simple frame to use with costumes to make display figures for your haunt. One of the problems of using all PVC is that the central PVC pipe bends under the weight of the top assembly and costume. By using the Shower Curtain Pole, this gives a sturdy support. Another advantage is that as the pole is adjustable, you can make the frame taller or shorter to suit your costume.

You will need

For the Body:

Extendable Shower Curtain Pole
” PVC Pipe
Assorted Pipe connectors (T,45
Patio Umbrella or Xmas Tree Stand
Styrofoam Wig Head
Chicken Wire
Thick Paper or Brown Wrapping Paper
Duct Tape
Pool Noodle
Pipe Insulation

For the Hands:

2 Straight PVC Pipe Connectors
Wire Coat Hangers
Stiff Card or Foam Core Board
Wood or Plastic Beads
” Plastic tubing

Place the thickest end of the pole into the stand and tighten to secure the pole. Remove the end stopper from the narrower end.


Fit the T Connector into the top of the pole. If the connector does not fit then make a cut, about 1”, down the end and bend in until the t connector fits


Cut 2 lengths of ” Pipe, each 7” Long, fit into T connector to form shoulder supports. Cut a length 4” long and fit in the top for the Head/Neck. Use 2 90 connectors for the shoulder joints


Cut 2 lengths of Pipe each 8” long for the upper arms. Cut 2 lengths of pool noodle, each 7” and slide over PVC


Fit connectors for the elbow joints. Cut 2 lengths of PVC pipe 8” Long and add to connectors. Cut 2 lengths of Pipe insulation, each 8” long and slide over pipe (cut one end of each at an angle as shown)


For the torso, make 2 templates from paper, one for the chest and one for the back. The paper needs to be fairly stiff, so either thick paper or brown wrapping paper would be better. I used an old T Shirt to as a template for my templates. The front neck line should be lower than the back. The dark area shown in the picture gives an idea of the front vs the back

Lay the chicken wire over each template and completely cover with duct tape, thus securing the wire to the template. Cut the wire to the same shape of the template. Turn template over and cover the paper entirely with Duct Tape, wrapping the duct tape over the edges.

This is the process started with the chicken wire. Unfortunately the progress pics were deleted from my camera accidentally :(

When both templates are complete, front and back, join together at the top and sides with duct tape. You can narrow the waist area as you join the two halves. You should have something that resembles this :


Place torso over PVC frame. (You may need to remove arms first), then place foam head on top.


Tip: Once you have decided on the pose, secure the joints to the pipe. Drill small pilot holes where the pvc meets the joint and secure with small screws to hold the pose in place.

Making Hands (Posable)

Cut 2 pieces of card/foam core to form the hand.


Cut 10 lengths of wire for the Fingers/Thumbs

2 pieces 7” (Small Finger)

2 pieces 8” (Third/Ring Finger)

2 pieces 9” (Middle Finger)

2 Pieces 8” (Index Finger)

2 Pieces 6” (Thumb)

Arrange the wires for the fingers as shown then secure to the card with Duct Tape


Note: There is 1” overhang of wire at the end

Important – remember to reverse the configuration for the left hand

Bend the wire for the thumb and attach to the hand with Duct Tape, then bind all the end wires together with duct Tape

Place beads on the fingers as shown and secure in place with hot glue. Next cut pieces of tubing and place on fingers and thumb, alternating with beads. The sizes of tube to be cut are shown on the guide (Index. Middle and third fingers are all cut the same size). Secure all beads to the wire with hot glue.


Next insert the end of the hand into the straight connector, secure the hand to the connector with duct tape, back and front, then wrap duct tape around the connector and to hand



Put the costume onto the mannequin form, then attach hands to the arms, place gloves onto the hands, finally bend fingers to the required shape



Finally add the hood or mask to complete your display figure


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