Moving Eye Portrait

Very simple yet very effective. The eyes of the portrait appear to follow you wherever you go!

Materials required:

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Ball

Picture for the portrait


Foamboard (board with foam layer between paper)

Spray Mount Adhesive (e.g. Elmers)


Tools required

Hot Glue gun
Sharp Knife (Xacto or similar)

Black Permanent Marker


First of all you need a picture to use for the portrait. This will need to have eyes just smaller than the diameter of a table tennis ball


Alternatively, you can print out the following picture:



Click here for 8" x 11" size


Click here for 11" x 17" size

1. Cut the ball in half

2. Cut a piece of foamboard to the same size of the picture


3. Spray mount the picture onto the foamboard and allow to dry

4. Carefully cut out the eye area completely.



5. Draw a black dot, about 1/2" diameter in the inside of each of the halves of the ball, in the centre of each



6. Glue each half of the ball on the reverse of the mounted picture.



7. Mount the picture in the frame.


8. Hang the picture on the wall and be amazed at the eyes following you !!



For this example I used what I had to hand, which was a 8" x 11" print but a 11 x 14" frame. To solve the problem, I made a mount to hold the picture that would fit the frame.


Here is a video of a more realistic style portrait




I would like to thank Chad of Chateau Grrr for producing the Dr Ick picture for this how to, and he will be adding additional images for the more moving eye portaits in the near future.

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