Paint effects


Rough Stoneware




Wood Glue

Acrylic Paint

Rough Sand


The amount of mixture is dependant on the item to be covered and the number of coats required. For this how to, the following mixture was more than enough for 2 coats on a bottle and one coat on 6 medium size skull fronts.


Mix approx 2 tablespoons wood glue together with 3 teaspoons craft acrylic and cup sand, you can add a little water to the mixture


Paint the mixture onto your item and allow to dry may require 2 coats (Drying time is about two hours). 


Cover any unused mixture with Saran wrap this will keep for a couple of days.


For a smoother effect use fine sand


The finished effect


Using Gray paint



Using Brown paint



This is a plastic bottle I tested the mixture on. This was given two coats of the mixture - some twine was wrapped around the neck of the bottle and the top dipped in melted wax






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