Connecting fence panels


This is my solution to joining the fence panels together.


You will need


2 PVC Pipe (the number of lengths required will depend on how many you will need and the height you want the posts to be)


1 Angle brackets (with screw holes) 4 will be required for each fence panel


Screws (2 for each angle bracket)


Plastic Xmas Tree Ball decorations (one for each post)


Black spray paint


For my posts, I made them 4 taller than the fence panel bars These were made 40 so I cut my posts 44


Screw angle brackets to the end of each fence cross bar.


Screw the fence panels to either side of the post.


Glue Xmas ball to the top of the 2 post (with the hanging tab inside the post)




Spray post and ball black to match your fence panels (you can save time and money by constructing the posts with 2 black PVC pipe saving the trouble of having to paint the posts)




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