Make your own styrofoam signs


Materials required

Sticky back plastic (Shelf liner etc)
Spray paint
Black, White, Grey paint
Craft Knife
Masking tape

First you will need to make the text document for the lettering to be used on the sign. For this example, I used font “grekodeco”, size 220, Bold, Underline. Page orientation portrait. As you will only need the outline of the text as a cutting guide, you can reduce the amount of ink used by formatting the font style to outline.

 Print the document, then using the underline marks as a guide, cut the text into strips.

Join the strips together to make up the text to be used on the sign. Make sure that when joining words, that you get the correct text spacing.

 Prepare the styrofoam by cutting to the shape and size required. Apply the sticky back plastic to the front of the styrofoam panel.

Attach your text document on top with masking tape

Using a craft knife, cut out the lettering, making sure that you cut through both layers of the paper and plastic.

 Once all the letters have been cut out, remove the paper template, then carefully remove the lettering from the plastic, exposing the stryofoam for each letter.

Lightly spray the front of the panel with the spray paint. The paint will react with the styrofoam and eat away where the lettering is exposed.

Once the reaction to the paint has stopped (and the paint is dry), remove the plastic from the styrofoam.

The sign is now ready for painting. Base coat the entire sign in black. Allow to dry

Next add a layer of grey paint, but to the top surface only.

Finally, sponge white paint over the front surface. first dip the sponge in the white paint

Wipe off the excess paint from the sponge

Dab the sponge over the sign - this gives a mottled stone look

This is how the completed sign looks

You can use any style of lettering, multiple lines of lettering, add designs and images.