Skull casting


I needed a quantity of small skull faces for another project build, and came up with this solution




Air drying Clay (DAS for instance)

Aluminum foil

Skull to cast from

Rolling pin or similar (I used a small length of PVC pipe)

Clay modeling tools


The skull I am casting from is a styrofoam skull, 4 inches high.



Cover the skull with the aluminum foil


take a block of clay from the pack and roll out to a thickness of between 1/8 and 1/4 inch

Cover the front of the skull with the clay.

Shape the clay to the skull, removing any excess clay as you work the clay

Add details (teeth etc) using modeling tools 

I only needed the skull fronts so trimmed excess from the skull


Because the drying time is around 24 hours and wanting to continue casting, I carefully removed the foil from the skull, removing the cast as well. You may need to slightly reshape your cast after removing.



Once the clay is almost dry, you can remove the foil from the cast








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