Spider Sac

Materials required

Chicken Wire
White Felt or Batting
Table tennis or Plastic Golf Balls
Black Spray Paint
Spider Web
Plastic Spiders
Tape (Duct Tape or similar)

Tools required

Hot Glue Gun
Sharp Scissors
Wire Cutters

Cut a length of chicken wire 22 inches long, join the edges together, making a tube shape with the wire

Gather one end together, and shape the other end making the wire into a tear shaped frame

Lay out the batting or felt and wrap around the wire frame

Hot glue the edges together

shape and cut the bottom around the frame, hot gluing edges down until the wire frame is covered. Keep all the offcuts of material.

Cut the balls in half

place hot glue in the inside of the half ball

Wrap the half in scraps of the material used to cover the wire frame, securing on the inside with hot glue

glue randomly to the covered wire frame

Spray the underside of each half ball with black spray paint

Cover with spider webbing

Add a few plastic spiders

Finally, hang the spider sac in your haunt and prpare to creep out your visitors!