Tombstone Embellishments #1


One of the things I have been looking for is embellishments to add to my tombstones.

So far, I have only seen the wooden ones at Lowes which work out about $7 per pair

Therefore my quest has been to either find some at thrift stores or find a supply of molds so I can cast my own.


Then this hit me, I was about to throw away the plastic tray from a pack of cupcakes.

The design at the bottom reminded me of rosettes, so I tried a quick castů.


You will need


Hostess twin pack cup cake

Plaster of Paris


First, take the two cupcakes from the plastic tray and eat them (the best part of this how to!)

With the remaining tray, wash in hot water to remove any crumbs, etc.



Push any indentations back into place. (I found that the end of a small paint brush was ideal)

Mix up a small quantity of Plaster of Paris, 1/4 cup plaster to 1/8 cup of water should suffice, depending how thick you want the cast to be.



Add half the mixture to each tray cup.



Tap the tray a few times onto a flat surface to get rid of any air bubbles.



Allow the mixture to set for at least 15 minutes, and then remove from tray. (One of the castings will have the recycle symbol on, which can be scratched off).



The tray is durable enough to allow more castings.


A quick paint job to show how they will look ...



I will be on the look-out now for any other everyday items that can be used as a mold, email me if you have any suggestions.



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